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Culture, religion, life, birth, and death.

Long ago, jewelry was deeply intertwined with people's lives. It was not just an act of wearing it, it was deeply connected to people at a primitive level, physically, mentally, and ideologically.


Jewelry that becomes a part of people's bodies. The creation of jewelry that expresses the wearer's "identity," allowing them to express their true selves. In modern times, we live in various social factors and rapidly changing environments. Amidst these external factors, we are hindered in our process of finding our own identity. Originally, it was important for us to actively seek the process of finding our own spiritual happiness through experience and growth, to understand ourselves, our values, likes, and our relationships with others, to live a social life. And that is to find the answer to the question of "who am I" for ourselves.

The jewelry I create is a wish to appeal to the importance of understanding oneself, values, beliefs, desires, and various relationships with others, and to establish a relationship with society. It is my mission to achieve this through jewelry. Fine silver, which is not interfered with by others, is the most appropriate metal to embody this. "Authenticity" This material, with the natural beauty of silver, is the same as the "Your true self"


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